Hack@Smith 2016 is Smith College’s 2nd hackathon. Sponsored by Smith’s Computer Science club, “Smithies in CS”, students from all over the east coast will be invited to Smith’s campus for our 24-hour hackathon in February.

At Hack@Smith, we will ensure that more than 50% of all our hackers are women. However, what we are really bringing to this event is our club's commitment to closing the gender gap in tech. Smithies in Computer Science was founded to encourage women to pursue Computer Science, to diversify the tech industry, and to strengthen our CS community. We decided that throwing a women-focused hackathon would be a perfect way to encompass all of our goals in one fun and powerful event.


  • Participants have to be at least 18 years old by February 6th, 2016.
  • Must either be currently pursuing a degree or taking time off from school with the intent of returning.
  • Please direct additional questions about eligibility to hackatsmith@gmail.com.

Hackathon Sponsors


$6,900 in prizes

First Place (4)

Dell Venue 10 5000 Android Tablet (provided by MLH)

Second Place (4)

Nexus 9 tablet (sponsored by Google)

Third Place (4)

Nexus Player (sponsored by Google) and Pendleton blankets (sponsored by Automattic)

Best MasterCard API Hack (5)

$100 MasterCard prepaid cards

Best Microsoft Hack (4)

ASUS tablet - To qualify, hackers have to use either Microsoft's API (i.e. Bing, Project Oxford, and OneNote), Azure Cloud or incorporate Kinect or Microsoft Band into their hacks.

Best Automattic API Hack (4)

Jambox Mini

Best Google API Hack (4)

Google Cardboard and Chromecast

Best First Time Hackathon Team (4)

A Raspberry Pi board will be awarded to the team where Hack@Smith is the first hackathon for each member. If there are several such teams, this prize will be awarded to the team with the best hack.

Best First Time Coder Hack (4)

A $50 Visa gift card* will be awarded to 4 first-time coders (those who have not completed a CS course previously) who create the programs with the highest level of sophistication by the end of the 24 hour hacking period.

*requires winners to provide their SSN

MLH Best use of AWS

Awarded for the best use of Amazon Web Services. Each winner will receive a 1TB hard drive.

MLH Best Domain Name

Awarded for the best domain name hosting a hack. Each winner will receive a swag bag containing a Sparkfun Redboard and other hardware goodies.

Business Innovation Award (4)

$50 Starbucks gift card (sponsored by the Smith College Center for Women and Financial Independence)

Most Creative Hack (4)

2 Beats Solo headphones and 2 Beats Pill speakers will be awarded to the team.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Tom Laughner

Tom Laughner
Director of Educational Technology Services @ Smith College

Sara Sheehan

Sara Sheehan
Assistant Professor of Computer Science @ Smith College

John Crowley

John Crowley
Lead Systems Administrator, ITS @ Smith College

Erik Moore

Erik Moore
Sr. Web Application Developer @ Smith College

Kirsten Ritter

Kirsten Ritter
Database Administrator @ Smith College

Tessa Ann Taylor

Tessa Ann Taylor
Software Engineer at New York Times

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    How unique is this hack? Is it innovative or have you seen many ideas like this before?
  • Aesthetics
    How appealing is the visual design?
  • Technicality
    How well did they utilize technology to implement their idea? What is the level of difficulty for the technology used?
  • Design
    Does it have a good user interface? How easy is it to understand how to use their hack?
  • Completeness
    What is the level of completion of this hack towards its goal?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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